Importer license

Including all of its grammatical and cognate expressions used, ‘Import’ means bring any products or services from other countries to India.

It is mandated that no person or company shall from any other country import any kind of measures or weights without first obtaining the import license from the Director in the prescribed manner after paying the needed fee for the application. It is also stated that no measures or weights, or any parts for the same, can be imported to the country until and unless the same conforms to all the established quality and measuring guidelines of the country as per the Act.

It is in the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011 that the provisions under which a person or company can obtain license to act as an importer of measuring and weighing apparatuses and devices.

In the case of any person or business wishes to involve in the business of importing weights and measures in India must first apply for the registration with the Director of Central Legal Metrology as the Importer of Measuring and Weighing devices.


Documents Required

  • Application Form
  • Receipt of Registration Fee Paid (Rs 750)
  • Trade License Issued by the Local Body

The Process for Getting the Import License

Step #1: Submission of Application Form:

Anyone wishing to obtain the Import License for weight and measuring devices must submit a prescribed supplication form with the required supporting documents to the Assistant Controller (Flying Squad) of concerned District. This must be done after making the payment for registration within 90 days of starting the process of importing or packing.

Step #2: Verification:

In this step, the Assistant Controller of the Legal Metrology Department will verify the application and the supportive documents submitted along with the application form. Once the same is completed the Assistant Controller will forward the same to the Controller, Department of Legal Metrology.

Step #3: Issuance of Registration:

Here in the last step, the Controller, Department of Legal Metrology will issue the registration and the license for import of weighing and measuring devices or its components for assembly.

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