Model Approval

It is mandated that company or person who wishes to import or manufacture any weighing or measuring devices must secure approval of the model of the weights and measures as required from the authority as prescribed upon the payment of the required fee for the same.

It must also be noted that such approvals are not needed with respect to any cast iron, brass bullion, carat weight or any beam scale, length measures (except for measuring tapes), all of which are generally used in the case of measuring timber or textiles, capacity measures that does not exceed 20 liters which are often used by retail traders for measuring milk, kerosene or any kind of portable liquors.

In addition, this must be kept in mind that if the concerned authority can approve any model of weighing or measuring device that has been approved by any other country outside India, if he/she feels that the same conforms to all the standards listed and needed by the Act without any test or after any such test that the authority might deem apt. The Guidelines for Model Approval of Weight or Measure Which Has Been Approved in Other Countries:

In such cases, the applicant must present an application to the concerned authority in the preferred format (given on the website) along with the copy of the model approval certificate obtained from the foreign country along with the below-given details;

1. The name and full address of the applicant in India and the same of the principle manufacturer in the foreign country where the approval was obtained.
2. Ensure that the model approval issued by the concerned department of the foreign country conform to all the recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology.
3. If the original model approval certificate issued at the foreign country is not in English, then the translated approval certificate to English must be provided with the application.
4. In addition, an undertaking, duly signed by the applicant stating that no alteration or changes whatsoever in the model of the aforementioned weight or measurer will be made before or after being sold, must also be submitted.
5. The description of sealing provisions made including the giving nature, type of sealing and the location to ensure that the weighing or measuring device is protected from any fraudulent or tampering along with the comprehensive schematic diagram of the sealing provision.
6. Two postcard-size of the model of weighing or measuring apparatus of device.

The Revised Procedure for the Submission of Application for Model Approvals

All the machines that need model approval must be submitted by the manufacturer at the respective Regional Reference Standards Laboratories (RRSLs) as given in the annexure I along with the payment of the fee for running the prescribed test for each of the devices brought for tests.

After the same, the manufacturer must submit the application in the required format to the Office of Director, Legal Metrology, D/O Consumer Affairs, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 as well as the copy of the payment receipt issued by the RRSLs.

If the manufacturers fall within the range of the RRSL, then they must submit the models of the devices in the respective Regional Reference Standards Laboratory. The RRSL will also indicate the date on which the devices have been submitted for model approval testing.

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