Manufacturer license

Only if a person or company has the license issued by Legal Metrology Officer for manufacturing weight and measure, can they do so legally. The Manufacturer license issued by the officer at the location where the manufacturing of weights and measures is carried out.

By manufacture, the following is meant:
• A person or a company manufactures weight or measure in its entirety.

• A person or a company manufactures one or more parts and acquires all other parts as needed for measure or weight, and put them all together and claims that the finished measure of weight is made by himself/itself as the case of the same may be.

• A person or a company does not manufacture any kind of components or parts of a measure and weight but acquires the same made by other companies, and assembles the same to claim the same to be made by himself/itself, as the case of the same may be.

• A person or company puts or cause to put his own or its own mark on a weight or measure manufactured by some other person or company and claims the product to be manufactured by himself or itself as the case of the same may be.

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • License Fee payment receipt (Rs 5000)
  • Trade License issued by Local body
  • Possession certificate, Rental/lease agreement
  • Receipt of land tax paid
  • Model approval from government of India
  • ID proof
  • Photo

Process Involved in Getting Manufacture License

Step #1: The first step involves, in the case of obtaining license for manufacturer, submitting the duly filled out application supported by all the required documents to the Assistant Controller (Flying Squad) of the respective district after the required license fee is paid.

Step #2: Once the application is submitted, the Assistant Controller or the Regional Deputy Controller will assess your application and scrutinize all of the documents to ensure their authenticity and accuracy. Once the same is done, the application will be forwarded to the Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology.

Step #3: The next step includes the inspection of the site and field verification carried out by any of the concerned officials of the department.

Step #4: This is the last step of the process where the Controller, Legal Metrology Department issues the license as needed by the applicant.

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