Packer Registration

‘Packer’ is defined as the person or the firm that carries out a commodity in wrapper, tin or bottle or in any manner that is suitable for the same of product either in retail or wholesale. A ‘Pre-packaged Commodity’ refers to a product which has been present in a package of any nature, sealed or not, sent without a purchaser so that the commodity within the package has a pre-determined quantity. It is mandated that no person may pre-pack, be permitted to pre-pack or cause to pre-pack any product for delivery, sales, distribution unless the product being pre-packed bears on it a label that is securely fixated on the product mentioning a declaration required to be made as per the rules and regulations and without the need of any registration.

Declarations to be made on Pre-Packaged Commodities

  • The name and address of the manufacturer/Importer/packer
  • The common and generic name of the goods
  • Quantity of the commodity
  • The month and year in which the commodity is manufactured, pre-packed or imported
  • The retail sale price of the package
  • Dimensions of the commodity
  • Provision for Consumer Complaints
  • Any other declarations as may be required in view of the product.

The process of grant new packing registrations

Step #1
Submission of Application Form : 

The person or company wishing to do packer registration must submit a duly filled application form as prescribed to the Assistant Controller (Flying Squad) of concerned district along with supporting documents to after paying the required fee for the registration within 90 days of beginning the process of packing/importing.

Step #2:
Application and Supporting Documents Verification :

In this stage, the application as well as the supporting documents presented by the applicant will be verified by the Assistant Controller who will then forward the application to the Controller, Legal Metrology.

Step #3
Issuance of Registration :

The Certificate of Registration will be issued by the Controller, Legal Metrology in this stage


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