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Legal metrology is a branch of units of measurements and weightage, diverse types of weightage and measuring, instruments of weightage and measuring within the statutory legal and technical requirements established to make sure the security and safety of weightage and measurements for thegeneral public.

Types of Measuring Instruments and Equipments

  • Dipping Type cylindrical Measures
  • Dispensing Measures
  • Liquor Measurements equipment
  • Milk/Water measurements equipment
  • Metallic measure
  • Folding Scales
  • Plastic tape
  • Steel tape
  • Surveying chains
  • Platform Machine
  • Equal Arm machines
  • Graduated Scale
  • Digital Scale
  • Beam Scale
  • Counter machine
  • Rectilinear scale
  • Beam Scales or mass scales
  • Automatic Rail Weighbridge
  • Automatic Gravimetric Instrument
  • Totalizing hopper weightier
  • Water Meter
  • Moisture meter
  • Gas Elimination Devices
  • Volumetric Container Types Liquid measuring devices
  • Clinical thermometers
  • Clinical Electrical Thermometers
  • Non-Invasive Automatic Sphygmomanometer
  • Taximeters
  • Compressed Gaseous Fuel measuring system for vehicles

Legal Metrology Licenses or Registrations

Manufacturer License

Only if a person or company has the license issued by Legal Metrology Officer for manufacturing weight and measure, can they do so legally.

Dealer License

The term ‘Dealer’ means, in the context of weight or measure, a person or a business that carries out selling, trading, marketing or distribution of weights ..

Repairer License

The term ‘Repairer’ means any person who carries out the process of repairing a measure or weight and it includes such person who paints, cleans, adjusts ..

Importer Registration

Including all of its grammatical and cognate expressions used, ‘Import’ means bring any products or services from other countries to India.

Packer Registration

‘Packer’ is defined as the person or the firm that carries out a commodity in wrapper, tin or bottle or in any manner that is suitable for the same..

Model Approval

It is mandated that company or person who wishes to import or manufacture any weighing or measuring devices must secure approval of the ..