GST Registration Constants

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), introduced in India in 2017, replaces multiple indirect taxes by central and state governments. GST registration is essential for your goods and services. In this blog, we delve into the importance of GST registration and highlight key aspects of GST registration services in India

  1. Threshold Limit: The threshold limit for GST registration is Rs. 40 lakhs for businesses operating in most states. However, the threshold limit is Rs. 20 lakhs for companies operating in North-Eastern and hilly states.
  2. Mandatory Registration: Certain businesses must register for GST regardless of turnover. This includes firms engaged in inter-state supply, e-commerce operators, and companies supplying goods and services through e-commerce platforms.
  3. Voluntary Registration: Businesses with a turnover below the threshold limit can voluntarily register for GST. This can help them claim the input tax credit and improve their credibility with suppliers and customers.
  4. Input Tax Credit: GST registration enables businesses to claim the input tax credit on goods and services purchased for business purposes.
  5. GSTIN: GST registration results in issuing a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). This 15-digit number is used for all GST-related activities, including filing returns and claiming the input tax credit.
  6. GST Returns: Registered businesses must file GST returns monthly or quarterly, depending on their turnover. Penalties and fines may apply for failure to file returns.
GST Registration

GSTIN is a crucial component of the GST regime, and it is necessary for the following:

  • To collect and remit GST:¬†Every registered taxpayer must collect GST on the taxable supplies they made and send it to the government.
  • To avail of input tax credit:¬†GSTIN is required to avail of the input tax credit on the purchases made for the business.
  • To comply with GST provisions:¬†GSTIN is necessary for filing GST returns, claiming refunds, and other compliance-related activities.

Documents Required for GST registration are:

  1. Business details: Business details such as the business’s name, address of the principal place of business, email address, and mobile number are necessary for GST registration.
  2. Nature of business: The company’s nature needs to be specified while applying for GST registration. This helps the government identify the business type and levy the appropriate tax.
  3. Bank account details: Bank details such as account number, IFSC code, and branch details are necessary for GST registration. This is necessary for the refund process, and to credit the GST collected to the government account.
  4. Authorized signatory details: Authorized signatory details such as name, PAN, and contact details are necessary for GST registration. This is necessary to authorize a person to sign and file GST returns on behalf of the business.

Step 1:¬†Visit the GST portal: The first step is to visit the GST portal ( and click on the ‚ÄėRegister Now‚Äô button.

Step 2: Enter the details: The next step is to enter the details such as the Business’s name, PAN, Email address, Mobile number, and State where the company is.

Step 3: Enter OTP: An OTP will be sent to the mobile number and email address provided. Enter it to confirm the details.

Step 4: Enter the remaining details: Once the details are verified, enter the remaining information, such as the nature of the business, bank account details, and authorized signatory details.

Step 5: Upload documents: Upload the required documents, such as PAN, address proof, and photographs of the authorized signatory.

Step 6: Submit the application: Once all the details are entered and documents uploaded, submit the application.


GST registration is mandatory for every person engaged in the supply of goods or services in India. Ensure compliance by providing necessary GST registration constants such as GSTIN, business details, bank account details, and authorized signatory details. Explore our online services for a hassle-free GST registration process with accurate details and prompt assistance

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