Exemption to all Shops & Establishments for operating 24/7 in Telangana

The Labour Employment Training & Factories (Lab-I) Department of the Government of Telangana, on 04.04.2023, issued an order for granting exemption to the Shops and Establishments under Section 7 of the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act, 1988 (opening and closing hours) for operating 24/7 in the Telangana State subject to certain exceptions.

The notification results from the issue reported by the Commissioner of Labour, Telangana, Hyderabad, for the same matter and to scrutinize its conduct.

As a result of this notification, all Shops & Establishments will be exempt from Section 7 (Opening and Closing Hours) of the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act, 1988, issued by the Government of Telangana in the exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (4) of section 73 of the Act (Exemption: Government can exempt by a notification, either permanently or for any specified period, any establishment or class, or persons or class of persons, from all or any of the provisions of this Act, subject to such conditions as they may deem fit).

Shops & Establishments


  • Issue of ID cards, Weekly off
  • Weekly working hours must be specified, as well as overtime pay.
  • Compensatory holiday with pay instead of employees reporting for duty on a declared national or festival holiday.
  • Women employees’ adequate safety; • Women employees’ consent to work the night shift
  • Transportation for female employees working the night shift.
  • Subject to compliance with provisions under the Police Act and Rules in force, and payment of an annual fee of Rs.10, 000 for each store to be open 24/7 under the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act, and the management shall keep records and furnish returns as prescribed by the state government on time.